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Max Milner // Because you changed my life, now I smile at life.

ATI caught up with BBC’s The Voice finalist, for a chat about what his plans are for future and more.

Q1: If you had the opportunity to get across to your fans, what would your message be?

A1: The EP is coming out and all the work that we’ve been doing for the last six to seven months is coming together, so my message is get excited about the EP.

Q2: What is the most memorable experience of your career so far? And what have you learned from it? 

A2: I wouldn’t say the most memorable but definitely the most mind-blowing was when we released the EP. Even though I appeared on The Voice (BBC 1) a year ago, the pre-order of the EP done well in the charts, which made me extremely excited and humbled that my hard work is being recognized.

Q3: What song lyric means the most to you and why?

A3: The first song I ever wrote had a lyric in it which made me realize I wanted to pursue songwriting as a career. The lyric was ‘because you changed my life and now I smile at life”. I never release the track but that particular lyric always meant something to me.

In terms of other artists lyrics, there are so many that I love Bob Marley in particular always wrote extremely thought provoking words which I admire every time I listen to his music.

Q4: What keeps you motivated?

A4: My motivation comes from improving and trying to become the complete artist. Since being on The Voice, my guitar playing has improved and there is also more range in my voice so seeing these kinds of changes, drive me to keep progressing.

Q5: Would you go back and change anything in your journey so far?

A5: I wouldn’t change anything, I am having a great time and things are about to take off, so in terms of music I regret nothing and I am just excited to see what the future brings. The only regret I would have is that I didn’t listen more in French classes at school, aa I would love to speak a second language!

Q6: How much of your life and background have influenced what you write?

A6: Music has always been a major part of my family with my Dad being a former recording artist and my mum being in musical theater. My parent’s past definitely had an affect on me choosing to take up music as a career. On the writing side, my background isn’t the sole influence on the content. With writing, it is a number of things but mainly my general mood is what inspires me.

Q7: If you could collaborate with anyone on the scene who would it be and why?

A7: John Mayer. He is incredibly talented and I am a huge fan.

Q8: What is your motto in life?

A8: To always be yourself and do not change for anything or anyone.

Q9: What is currently on your playlist?

A9: On my playlist, there is everything that John Mayer has ever recorded. Kacey Musgraves who’s literally just dropped her new album is also on there. Alan Stone, Fun, Ricky Lee Jones, Stevie Wonder.

Q10: Other than the UK where would you love to take your music?

A10: I would definitely like to take my music to America. I actually feel that my music suits America as folk and country are very popular genres in many states.

Q11: Where would you love to perform and why?

A11: Somewhere like New Orleans Jazz Festival or Montreal Jazz Festival. Those places live for music and I think it would be a great experience to perform somewhere with that level of musical passion.

Q12: What’s next for Max Milner?

A12: Doing more gigs and releasing my EP. I am writing again, which is amazing because for the last five months we have been doing all the promotion. Obviously, I’ve been writing along the way but the whole focus has been on getting the music out there, which we have achieved, so now I am able to start writing new material for future releases.

















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