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Carrie Harwood // Everything will be fine because it will.

Read our Interview with blogging sensation WishWishWish also known as the lovely Carrie Harwood.

Q1: If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a lot of people, what would your message be? 

A1: You’re wonderful just the way you are, I promise! It’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s perfect lives what with being surrounded by Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs, but they all have just as many issues as you, and their bedrooms are a mess sometimes too. You’ll be way better at being yourself than emulating somebody else.

Q2: For those who do not know how did you get started with blogging? and if you weren’t a blogger what would you be doing?

A2: I started when I was 17 as I spent all my time on the internet! I used to make websites about my favorite bands, and would also write little blogs about what I’d been doing at school…it only seemed natural that when I started reading fashion and lifestyle blogs that I would create one of my own. If I wasn’t blogging, I’d like to think I’d be doing something else creative!

Q3: What or who keeps you motivated and inspires you?

A3: Blogging is my full-time job, and working on something that is your creation is the ultimate motivation!

Q4: What is the most memorable experience of your life/career so far? And what have you learned from it?

A4: I have so many. I think one would have to be my first ever press trip – I was invited to Milan, and when my plane ticket actually worked, I was in awe. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I’m grateful for every opportunity that I’m offered!

Q5: Would you go back and change anything in your journey so far? (If no, why)

A5: I don’t think so. I tend not to have any regrets – everything has worked out!

Q6: In the next two years, what do you ASPIRE to have done?

A6: I want to push things a little further – create a YouTube channel as well as other exciting things. It’s just finding the time!

Q7: How much of your life and background have influenced you to become a Blogger?

A7: Well, I became a blogger 6 years ago when being a blogger didn’t mean the same thing that it does today!

Q8: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

A8: I’d absolutely love to do something creative with my other half, Miguel. We work together a lot, but I’d love to share a big project with him. He’s my best friend!

Q9: What is your motto in life/ What motto do you live by?

A9: Everything will be fine. Because it will!

Q10: What is currently on your playlist?

A:10 I’m listening to Weighted by Frnkiero and the Celebration over and over right now. I don’t think my music taste is what people would first expect!

Q:11 If you had to choose a song to be the soundtrack of your life what would it be and why?

A:11: I’m not sure exactly, but it would definitely be something I listened to as a 15-year-old – music meant the entire world to me then.

Q:12: What are your biggest dreams and biggest fears?

A:12: I think my goals a relatively modest – I’d just love to be able to buy a house with my fiancé and be happy in what I do. Simple, really. As for my fears…I don’t like vegetables..does that count? 😉

Q:13: What is next for you/are your plans for the next year?

A:13: I have exciting things in mind, I just need a bit of a kick up the bum to get going!

Q14: What would be your advice out there to those who want to live out their dreams? 

A:14 Just do it! Don’t let anything hold you back. Use the internet as your tutor – Google taught me almost everything I know. Nothing is out of your reach!

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