State Champs // Around the world and back, but they stopped by for a chat with ATI, read more.

Q1: If you had the opportunity to get an inspiring message across to a lot of people, what would your message be? 

A1: If I had the opportunity to get an inspiring message across to a lot of people, I guess in our music a lot, what we try to portray through lyrics is that if your ever in a dark place or anything seems like there isn’t any light at the end of the tunnel there is, it just kind of takes some time to establish where you really need to be and where there’s conflict and upsetting times, there’s always so much time left and there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to surround yourself around the right beings, around the right mind-set and that kind of thing, and that’s what I try to portray in our lyrics.

Q2: How did you get started with your music? And if you weren’t an artist/musician what would you want to be doing?

A2: With music it was kind of a shot in the dark for us, it was a hobby, I don’t really come from a musical background, I come from being taught by my mum things in the car, and things like that so it was very like a thing that comes out of nowhere in high school, just having fun with it, but beyond that, if wasn’t in high school I was always an athletic person, I was always playing Hockey or Skateboarding and things like that, so there was really a lot of options but the music thing just sorted it’s self out and here we are today.

Q3: What or who keeps you motivated and inspires you?

A3: I’m a straight momma’s boy, I am an only child with a single mom, so it’s always been like family orientated. Especially like close friends and stuff like that.

Q4: What is the most memorable experience of your life/career so far? And what have you learned from it?

A4: At the beginning of 2016 last year, we did our first world headline tour after our last album came out that was a big milestone for us, a big bucket list check off for us, to tour every continent and being able to headline and put on our own headline show, it was a really good feeling for us, a big sense of pride, a very like achieving thing for us. The album came out and to be able to sell out lots of shows as our own performance, and people coming out and singing along every word to our songs was a big one for us.

Q5: Would you go back and change anything in your journey so far? (If no, why)

A5: I like not to dwell on that kind of thing, if were to change anything, I like where we’re at, we only want to build off it from there, were always goal orientated and we’ve always had more things that we want to do but other than that, we wouldn’t think of changing anything, we are pretty happy and were very fortunate for where we are, so I guess I wouldn’t change anything because then who knows, I guess it could only get worse.

A6: I think with the path were on, if we can keep playing shows and touring, there’s still new places that we want to see, there are lots of countries we haven’t been too, that were already planning on going too. We’re in the process of making a new album, were doing a lot of collaborations this time, writing with more people, working with new producers and songwriters that we’ve never had the chance to work with that have influenced us to be a band from the start, so that’s a new thing for us, that were really looking forward too. So just playing and building from where we started, if there’s progress there and there are more people coming out to see us, which we keep seeing more and more, so that motivates us more and keeps us grounded, with all the touring and the heavy schedule that we have. so if we can build of off that and still see progress, that’s the ultimate goal.

Q7: How much of your life and background have influenced you to become a songwriter/musician?

A7: I’ve always been very musical, but it was never any like professional training, it was never like a choir course person in school or anything, going back to the first question you asked, I come from just like singing around with my family, friends and just for fun and stuff so the fact it’s turned into something that is very much a career and something that I make a living off, it’s just, very still out of the ordinary for me and something that I still check myself on, and think wow this is so outrageous but still like very accomplishing, such a cool thing, so there wasn’t much background that set it up for this, it just kind of fell into place.

Q8: What lyrics mean the most to you and why (ones you have written and or ones you didn’t write) 

A8: I think a big one, especially for our new record, one that’s from my favorite song on it is our song Losing Myself. One lyric is, “I’m losing myself, in the best way” which is kind of like addressing conflict, that you don’t really know where things are going to end up, but you know it’s all for good reasons, and that it’s all going to come out for the better so that’s a big one that always sticks with me and seems to generate and work with the fans really well too, so that’s one of my favourites.

Q9: If you could collaborate with anyone who would to it be and why?

A9: Collobrate with anyone, I am trying to think. It’s funny, I’m like a big POP music nerd, I love listening to POP music, so I might not be agreed on with everyone in my band but I’d love to collaborate with someone like Justin Timberlake, someone like that, but that’s just kind of like because it’s very out of the ordinary.

Q10: What is the most inspiring message you have internalized in life so far?

A10: Inspiring message, I think from a lot of the older bands we looked up too and have had the opportunity to tour with and spend time with and develop relationships with, a big thing with them is just staying humble, and never forget where you came from and always have the same  mindset that you started with, never let an ego get too you, or let ur head get too big in the game like this, especially with how easy it can happen, with our lifestyle and the way we come up as bands, you know popularity can get to you like that, stay humble and remember where you came from and always having the right mind-set with things like touring and making music and putting out a message to the people that listen to your music is a big thing that always needs to stay with us.

Q11: What is your motto in life/what do you live by?

A11: Motto in life, probably to always stay positive, I think moral is always a huge thing especially living constantly with five even more than that twelve people in the band and the crew, always travelling and living together constantly, moral is always big, everyone making sure that  everyone always lifted in good moods and good spirits, because that’s what keeps this train going, especially with how big of a family and how different everyone is in the band and crew, so I always try to live by that.

Q12: If you could have a song to be the soundtrack to your life what would it be and why?

A12: I guess it’s probably a little corny and cliche and a little ego’s but I would say our song, Losing Myself, just the message its self-keeps us going since I wrote it, it really hits home for myself.

Q13: What are your biggest dreams? and what are your biggest fears?

A13: I think our biggest dream was to be doing what we’re doing now when we first started, so it’s incredible to be where we are, were always traveling, making new friends, seeing new places, that just an incredible thing for us.

Biggest fears though, you always fear that it just ends at the snap of a finger because it always could, anything could stop at any time, but that’s why we don’t take it for granted, we always live every moment like it could be the last day that we do this. So just take everyday day by day and appreciate every moment.

Q14: What is next for you/your plans for the next year?

A14: Right now we are finishing up our album cycle touring in Europe, were doing the U.S round as the last part of the album cycle, then we jump right in, we’ve actually already started writing, recording demos and things like that for our next album and our next album cycle. but after this we go home and we do even more writing, pilling songs and ideas together and then we start to piece together all the right parts, and the right songs to get together for this next album. So its a really exciting time, to see what the next chapter is for us as State Champs.

Q15: What would your advice to be to those out there who want to live out their dreams?

A15: It’s important to find the right people who have the same mindset as you, and like that always want to do it for the right reasons, otherwise if the moral isn’t there and the vibes not there, between or with the people that your trying to do it with, it always seems to plummet down and not work our very quickly and that’s when the negativity can come about. I think that’s a very important thing.

Q16: Lastly, for those who don’t know where can people follow your career?

A16: On the internet, all the social media’s etc


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