Wolf Alice // Be nice to each other.

A1: Q1: If you had the opportunity to get an inspiring message across to a lot of people, what would your message be? 

A1: Be nice to each other. 

Q2: What or who keeps you motivated and inspires you?

A2: My mothers work ethic and Jeremy Corbin. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.20.38

Q3: What is the most memorable experience of your life/career so far? And what have you learned from it?

A3: I honestly couldn’t tell you, I have had a platter of inspiring moments in my life, but I think finishing this new album and coming back home and knowing the job was done was an inspiring moment in my life because it motivated me to know that you can achieve something if you work hard at it. 

Q4: Would you go back and change anything in your journey so far? (If no, why)

A4: I mean no, but I have done some stupid shit in life, but I wouldn’t change anything I suppose because it makes you who you are, no matter how shit it was. 

Q5: In the next two years what do you ASPIRE to have done?

A5: Played for Arsenal, I think I am at a good-age, at twenty-five.  

Q6: What lyrics mean the most to you and why?

A6: There’s a song called Space and Time that I really love, so the lyrics on that. 

Q7: What is the most inspiring message you have internalized in life so far?

A7: The most inspiring message I have internalized in life so far, Brian Cox said the other day that when everyone realizes there excrescence, we all don’t realise how finite we are and that we can all be a lot nicer to one another, so when you realise that you don’t really mean fuck all, you can get on with being a good person, so Brian Cox, so thank you for that tweet the other day, but that’s definitely not the most inspiring thing in my life,

Q8: What is next for you/your plans for the next year?

A8: We’ve got an album coming out on the 29th September, We go on tour in November, we are about to go to rehearsals this morning and I am going to see my dad in a play tonight.

Q9: What would your advice to be to those out there who want to live out there dreams? 

A9: Work really hard, play loads of gigs, and practice your instrument every day. 

Q10: Lastly, for those who don’t know where can people follow your career?


Pre-Order the Album OUT 29th SEPT!!



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