SONGS BORN OF SUNSHINE // Marion Fiedler comes to London.


On July 2nd the American-European world traveler, singer and composer Marion Fiedler comes to London to play the UK release of her new album “Rolling On” at Half Moon.

Do you know that feeling when you unwittingly discover something new that slowly takes over your mind? This sweet little surprise you start loving so much? This happened to me recently when I was sent an album to review by a young musician called Marion Fiedler who at the time was unknown to me. Even though my schedule was tight, I was curious and decided to check out her songs, socials and website. I found interesting stories, a beautiful voice and intriguing looks, all adding up to the fact that this girl is a talented, professional and attractive pop singer yet does not bring about any of the slick images major label artists would. I discovered someone who does not fit into one box, but might well bring an answer to the problems of today’s music world: this young singer is 100% real – nothing fake here and no hustle. Marion made her own way through the jungle of the entertainment industry without ever trying to become part of it, an authentic contemporary hippie, a troubadour with a powerful voice and a band that plays perfectly every time.. rock, pop, jazz and whatever else seems to empower her new song ideas.

Marion’s storytelling caught my ear every time I clicked on another of her songs and I found I just couldn’t stop. I’d found a favorite candy bar without knowing I‘d been craving one. Her music is unique and I wondered why I hadn’t ever heard of this American-German world traveler before. Her inspiration seems pure and contagious, and wherever you look at her music you ask yourself how does she do what she does? Diligence re-defined, abundance guaranteed.

So I told her I’d write the review and very soon the mailman delivered my copy of ‘Rolling On’ and into my disc player it went – yes, I still have a CD player and I love it! Time to lean back and listen well. What I heard was beautiful, not fitting into any genre I know and yet floating right in between musical traditions I love. It was a journey from pop to songwriter style, at times jazz and funky, flavored with acoustic blues and world music. In the end I wasn’t sure about the best definition to describe the album, but I totally dig the vibes and how tight the songwriting contributed to the oh-so-homogenous atmosphere on this album. I was as surprised by the arrangements and production as much as by how this album floats all over whilst still bringing me home.

On “Rolling On” songwriter and jazz-pop singer Marion Fiedler shares heart-warming and uplifting stories about life, traveling and what happens along the way. Some of her tracks talk about how much she loves nature, a few about her dog that even got to be in a picture of her beautiful booklet. “This album tells my story” can be read in that very album artwork. Apparently Marion writes most of her songs while on the road and as a listener you get to be part of that as she shares photos and videos of her journey on all her social media channels. She doesn’t hide the process of how her ideas develop, nor her natural self with her make-up free backstage photos. Traveling seems to be one of her greatest inspirations, such as with the single of her new album. The song “Rolling On” came into being during a mountain hike on Mont Blanc in France in an extreme summer heat, and you can totally feel that. The fact that the songs on Marion Fiedler’s new album were born of sunshine, beautiful views and inspiring conversations adds some unexpected, evolving magic to the music. And I am not the only writer who thinks this way. French journalist Jarod Bones sums her up quite well “I was surprised by the variety of sounds and topics, united by this powerful curiosity, good mood and love that intertwines the current songs by Marion Fiedler!”

As I observed over one month of stalking her socials: fans and listeners return to Marion Fiedler’s concerts and social media feeds to follow enthusiastically the young singer’s journey. Marion has an energy that is quite contagious and even when she says she’s exhausted from being on tour or from a day in the studio, she consistently delivers her songs with real passion and a powerful voice. Her fans all over the world are charmed by her unique sound and personal commitment to her music. Every new song is delivered with a fresh excitement and an uplifting message wrapped up in deliciously catchy melodies that you just want to hear more of!

Marion is professional and seems established, but this wonder woman is not as famous as she deserves to be. Marion Fiedler has opened concerts for numerous award-winning musicians and she receives support from professionals like music expert Rick Barker (first manager of Taylor Swift), the never forgotten legend Al Jarreau, and jazz singer Silje Nergaard from Sweden. For “Rolling On” the award-winning director Marcus Sternberg (who works for established artists like Anastacia) joined in. He loved “Rolling On” and believed in Marion’s singing and energy so much that he contributed a beautiful music video to support the album release of the aspiring singer and her band.

Go and listen.. but listen with your heart – you will be amazed!

David J. King


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