Blushes // You always have time for what makes you truly happy.

Q1: If you had the opportunity to get a inspiring message across to a large amount of people, what would your message be?

You always have time for what makes you truly happy. Denying yourself that is the first step towards denying yourself the point of being alive.

Q2: How did you get started with your music? And if you weren’t an artist/musician what would you want to be doing?

Brad: I remember I discovered music properly when I was at my grandads house, he had a classical guitar lying around and I remember picking it up and strumming away and my mum showed me this ridiculously easy and silly song on it and I spent hours just playing that over and over, I then asked to take it home and I was allowed, I had a DVD tutorial that I used to learn a few easy chords then started my guitar lessons when I was around 8 years old, it kinda started from there.

Sonny: Well, I think every musician has it in them already, I originally wanted to be a drummer and learnt some basics but then one day I became obsessed with the idea of being a guitarist & writing my own songs so decided that’s what I want to do & picked up the guitar, never put it down since & my poor drums got dusty, but I can’t remember really trying hard to learn it, it was fun more then anything, trying to work out my favourite songs by ear & so on, if you really enjoy something it doesn’t feel like a chore at all.

Tiff:Sunday school at church first then village productions and school plays and assembly’s.

Cob: For me it started with pots and buckets when I was about 3. Drums were my first window into music, and I tend to think rhythm is hard-wired into humans, so I always came back to it. I tried clarinet and saxophone, and then settled with guitar and drums. Having knowledge of those two really helps with the core foundations of songwriting as you have the components of modern music – beat, melody, chords, its all there.

For the band we started back in 2016. Brad approached me at the beginning of the year with the aim to expand on his solo acoustic material, putting it into a band environment. We then racked our brains to see who else we knew and then Tiff joined to sing and eventually learn keys, and she knew a sick musician called George who played guitar for us for a while until he went to uni in Brighton and Sonny, our current guitarist joined.

Without music I think I’d like to try illustration/painting and spend my time perfecting that, maybe try getting into media concept art/design.

Q3: What or who keeps you motivated and inspires you?

My girlfriend and our manager Ella. A plethora of musicians, drummers, producers and those combined who demonstrate that success doesn’t have to turn you into a monster and that you can use it to help others. Matt Halpern of the Band Periphery comes to mind.

Also, those who have fought for the confidence to express themselves, like SOPHIE.

Q4: What is the most memorable experience of your life/career so far? And what have you learnt from it?

Brad:My most memorable experience has got to be the day we spent at MC motorswith the NME crew for our Photoshoot, the entire day was like a dream, we had a rail full of clothes for us to pick from that were chosen carefully to suit our style, we each had our hair done by professionals, we were photographed by a professional and even had our makeup on check. This all happened to us, we felt like kings and queens for a day and it really made me realise that no matter how “untouchable” a celebrity may be, in the music industry or not, they are all just human beings at the end of the day and we shouldn’t set our life goals to accomplish what luxuries these idols have, because it’s all within our grasp and it’s a matter of you doing exactly what you want, not to try and become someone else you see on TV, do your own thing!

Tiff: Being a teenager with parents going through a divorce. I had what I thought at a young age was a perfect family because I was blind to all the imperfections being so young so it was a huge heart ache to drastically turn from perfect in my head to separated and dysfunctional.  I spent a lot of time on my own and was in my head a lot of the time. It made me appreciate people more and love people before you could lose them. I would either be sat at home alone writing or running to music in my earphones.

I also had a very intense car crash that completely turned my perspective around on many things at the time. I started aiming higher and creating bigger aspirations. I spent more of my time trying to achieve what I wanted to and less wasting it on what I didn’t because I realised how little of time we have and how special it is.  

Cob: I remember back in Year 8, we had these lessons where we had to learn a song and cover it, and I hadn’t hit anything with sticks  since I was about 5, but In our groups of 3 or 4 we had to pick an instrument to play for this project thing. I just sat down behind one of the really crappy electric kits there, no real pedals and the kit had like 5 sounds, and I looked at Doug who was a guy in my glass who was in our group, and I started playing a beat. I didn’t have to think about it, I just played it, it was simple as anything, and it felt good. That was the moment for me where I decided I wanted to play drums forever.

Sonny: for me would probably be going to my first ever concert, which just so happened to be the almighty PRINCE at the O2 Arena back when I was about 11, it’s obviously still the best thing I’ve ever seen musically in my life without question, from the moment he stepped onto that insane giant symbol stage he had the entire crowd in awe, it blew my 11 year old mind.. it’s impossible to explain how incredible it was, as I’ve gotten older i’ve realised just how lucky I am to have been in the same room as him & witnessed what I did that night!  

Q5: Would you go back and change anything in your journey so far? (If no, why)

So far it has been a series of guesses, accidents and mistakes (both good and bad) that have contributed to who we are together – our sound is a product of that, of always working with what situation we’re in at that moment.  So going back and changing it would be kind of like a butterfly effect kind of thing you know? The tiniest change could mean ending up with something else. Even If there was a way to recreate every single creative decision without any bad side effects I think they shape you as well, you have to guess and then learn. Thats what its about. If we had to change something, it would probably just be doing what we have done but way sooner – quicker, with more confidence.  

Q6: In the next two years what do you ASPIRE to have done?

I think by then we definitely want to have released our first album, and know that we have put every ounce of our being possible into it. We want it to be a statement of why staying true to your own path is the best thing to do creatively. It will hopefully both be the best piece of art and pop we can create.

Q7: How much of your life and background have influenced you to become a songwriter/musician?

Brad: My grandad was big into his music, played piano and guitar, even made his own guitar, my mum followed in his footsteps, both my siblings had piano lessons from a young age, I showed no interest, then they both quit eventually and I took up guitar, it all began then.

Tiff: All our lives are unique and special stories and music is simply a narrator.

Jacob: I’d be lying if I said being in a very musical family hasn’t helped me be a musician. My dad and both brothers play drums, my Sister plays flute, and my Mum plays piano. They all have greatly deepened my knowledge and love for different artists, old and new music, and something about that just fuels the need for creation. Also just experiencing everything – being in cities, landscapes, watching films, playing video games, listening to other music, seeing other musicians play, hearing good and bad news, travelling, it all definitely has an imposing atmospheric force to will some kind of idea into existence.

Sonny: Having been brought up with my parents insane music taste it was inevitable really, growing up with the likes of Hendrix, The Beatles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc etc I’ve constantly been surrounded by incredible music, it’s definitely what’s shaped who I am today & my love for music. I think the desire to become a musician came when I started watching artists perform, I remember at a young age watching Noel Gallagher perform Don’t Look Back In Anger on the telly with just an acoustic guitar, the entire crowd singing the words back like there’s no tomorrow together as one, it gave me chills.. I thought wow that’s what I want to do, that’s it, I’m picking up the guitar and I ain’t putting it down until I can play it & write my own songs for people to shout back at me!!

Q8: What lyrics mean the most to you and why (ones you have written and or ones you didn’t write)

Brad: For me Lewis Watson was the first artist I really noticed beauty in Lyrics, I was inspired, almost instantly, after hearing his song ‘Bones’. That is what really got me into songwriting to begin with, that song in particular is very close to my heart, it’s about falling in love with your best friend and how it’s the hardest thing ever to make that jump in telling them how you feel, you are terrified you’ll lose their friendship entirely with them but there’s that glimpse of hope that it may work out in your favour, at the time of hearing this I was going through something similar and it couldn’t of helped me more, so it will always be a special song to me lyrically.

Sonny: one of my favourite lyricists is Guy Garvey of ELbow, he writes the most beautifully poetic lyrics that tell a story & never fail to paint the picture in your mind, one of my favourite lines is from Starlings.. “Sit with me a while and let me listen to you talk about your dreams and your obsessions i’ll be quiet and confessional. The violets explode inside me when I meet your eyes then I’m spinning and I’m diving like a cloud of starlings” absolute perfection.

Tiff: “I wish that I could leave this soul destruction every night that I could regress in an able bodied prototype”
James Arthur

Cob: One that sticks out to me is from the band Japandroids, in one of their big tracks – ‘The House That Heaven Built’ – “but you’re not mine to die for anymore, so I must live”. That line alone just makes you want to carry on. To know that you’ve lost someone dear – in any way – and that you have to keep going to make the best of it, if for nothing else then for them.

Also Deafheaven’s ‘Dream House’ – “I’m dying, – Is it blissful? It’s like a dream, – I want to dream”. That is just so just gorgeously poetic and emotive. It actually comes from a drunk text conversation between the the singer and his crush at the time.

Q9: If you could collaborate with anyone who would to it be and why?

Thundercat just because, why not? Also Kero Kero Bonito because that might be well interesting.

I know Tiff wouldn’t hesitate at the chance to work with Christina Aguilera just cos she’s obsessed and also why not haha. Kevin Parker or Mark Ronson would be so cool as well, just to get that real psych-funk going.

Q10: If you could have a song to be the soundtrack to your life what would it be and why?

Sonny: I Told You I Was Freaky – Flight Of The Conchords.. I’m a shy guy & a lot of people think I’m very quiet & reserved, but let me tell you, once you know me well, I’m very much the opposite of, i told you I was freakyyyyy.

Tiff: weirdo with 5 colours in her hair coz of the obvious and I’m basically a bit weird like the girl in the song

Cob: Walking On A Dream – Empire Of The Sun, its very dreamy but still very groovy. It can cheer you up on a wistful winter day and just round of the heat of a summer afternoon. Perfect for all occasions and it always plays in my head.

Brad: It is incredibly hard to choose one song to soundtrack my life, and I’m sure by the time I’ve written this I would of changed my mind, but, if I had to choose it would have to be ‘By the way’ by Red hot chilli peppers. Firstly it was fed into my ears for a very long time from a young age and I will never not feel extremely nostalgic listening to it, but also it is so soft in parts, then a bit crazy, then it kinda evens out in a nice smooth chorus, a bit like my life, sometimes not a lot is happening, sometimes too much is happening but equally there have been great times in my life where things couldn’t be better.

Q11: What are your biggest dreams? and what are your biggest fears?

Tiff: Dreams: to have people I respect in music to respect me and my music. To make people cry and feel my emotions through to feel the same thing for them to be me for a second through my voice.


Fears: the thought of dying petrifies me. I wish we could live forever. I can’t stand that one day I will be here no more, and that will be that. I won’t ever get to do anything again.  I just hate endings, always have done. I like things to just keep going and not stop.

Sonny: my biggest dream is to make sweet sweet music forever, my biggest fear is everyday life in general, keeps you on edge doesn’t it? Throws stuff at you left right and center, like a giant game of dodgems.

Cob: I wish to be in a place where all we worry about as a species are doing what we love and who we love. If not as a species then definitely as a band, that’d be well nice.

My biggest fear is that I’ll get some kind of physical injury that will stop me playing the drums. I couldn’t imagine life without drums.

Brad: My biggest dream is to make music my fulltime job, that’s it really, wake up, spend hours making music or playing to people not having to worry that I’ll have to be at work in the morning, music would be my job.

My biggest fear is giving up on that dream and settling for a comfortable job somewhere that pays well but isn’t music.

Q12: What is next for you/your plans for the next year?

We’ll there will be a lot more music coming out for starters, and our weekends are filled with great gigs from here to the end of Summer pretty much. So its just gonna be making the absolute most we can of that. We’’re constantly writing and sharing ideas and working on stuff too, so we’re stocking up for a bigger release sometime in the near future really.

Q13: Lastly, for those who don’t know where can people follow your career?


IN: @dontmakemeblushes

TW: @blushesband



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