Handles TDNB // Get Inspired, Then Re-Inspire

Q1: If you had the opportunity to get an inspiring message across to a large number of people, what would your message be? 

A1: That’s simple, “Get Inspired, Then Re-Inspire! #TDNB” (To Dream N Believe)

Q2: How did you get started with your music? And if you weren’t an artist/musician what would you want to be doing?

A2: Since a child I loved music, I am a real 90s baby, but I knew I wanted to be a musician after I went to my first concert in Wembley arena to see Snoop Dogg.
Hearing the whole stadium sing his hit song jinn & juice INSPIRED me as a kid to a next level… I wanted that love for myself seeing how happy he made every person in that build stuck with me.

So I STUDIED the art of hip-hop, then I STUDIED the Music Industry then a few YEARS later AFTER I mastered my craft and built a strong network I went for it.I’m a strong believer in doing what you love, if I didn’t love music, I would 1000% be doing whatever it is I love doing #TDNB

Q3: What or who keeps you motivated and inspires you?

A3: Motivation and inspiration can come from anywhere at any point! it’s all around us, it’s our job to use it in the right way, so in summary, I hold my Successes and failures accountable, the ones I have obtained and those yet to come, motivated by my success and achievements and inspired by my failures knowing I still can improve.

Q4: What is the most memorable experience of your life/career so far? And what have you learned from it?

A4: An honest answer is my life is like a movie, there is a load of moments I truly cant forget opening up for Ace Hood at the O2, follow Skepta and ASAP mob on tour, partying at DKNY and Maybelline fashion week launch events with supermodel friends etc the list is long lol… But what I have learned is knowing your worth is crucial because anybody can be finessed at any level.

Q5: Would you go back and change anything in your journey so far? (If no, why)

A5: Nah not really life is about experience for me its molds you into you…
“I was told never be afraid to get old you might learn something”

Q6: In the next two years what do you ASPIRE to have done?

A6: I just want to be in good health, staying consistent on the mission #TDNB

Q7: How much of your life and background have influenced you to become a songwriter/musician?

A7: Everything last bit of it, I’m Black British Caribbean I was raised on Motown and lovers Rock Reggae growing up in London also watching MTV YO RAPS and the box… I think music had a major influence on everyone since the 60s

Q8: What lyrics mean the most to you and why (ones you have written and or ones you didn’t write) 

A8:”How Can I Believe In God Brother? When I Am God!”

This is one of my own lines… It’s my fav because it has so many layers to its meaning… take it how you want it… but read between the lines before u get offended lol

Q9: If you could collaborate with anyone who would to it be and why?

A9:Kanye West, because he the most influential genius going his business/music/fashion mind are second to none,

Max B, that’s the Wave God need I say more

Pharrell & Missy, some of the sickest producers ever

Q10: What is the most inspiring message you have internalized in life so far?

A10: TODAY! You are the author of your FUTURE!

Q11: What is your motto in life/what do you live by?

A11: To Dream N Believe! Get Inspired! Then Re-Inspire

Q12: What is currently on your playlist?

A12: Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest

Q13: If you could have a song to be the soundtrack to your life what would it be and why?

A13: ‘Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness

Why?! Bruh have you heard that song! now have you heard that song while sitting in the 5star top floor suite with a sea view with one of the hottest girls u seen sipping and smoking… Yhhhh Soundtrack to my life for sure lol

Q14: What are your biggest dreams? and what are your biggest fears?

A14: My biggest dream is owning acres of land while my music inspires others to fulfil their own goals, my biggest fear is giving up on my dreams, that scares me the most.

Q15: What is next for you/your plans for the next year?

A15: Progress just progress, I got a 20-year plan but I just take each day as it comes #TDNB

Q16: What would your advice to be to those out there who want to live out there dreams? 

A16: Be fearless, study your industry at every level, network every day, practice and improve, do not let rejection demotivate you its apart of your success

Q17: Lastly, for those who don’t know where can people follow your career?

A17:  Im on all platforms –



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