Vicky Chan // Selflessness isn’t always the higher path.

Q1: If you had the opportunity to get a inspiring message across to a large amount of people, what would your message be? 

A1: If I could get one message across to people it would be to believe in yourself and your own path. Self-confidence is hard in our world of comparison, but following your passion regardless of what other people think is key. As soon as I believed in what I did everything changed.

Q2: How did you get started with your music? And if you weren’t an artist/musician what would you want to be doing?

A2: I started playing violin at school when I was 7. I moved to playing other music after classical studies as I didn’t feel like I fitted the classical mould. Becoming The Grime Violinist was just a combination of my music taste and training, and now I get excited about the music I play every single day.

If I wasn’t a violinist I’d be a dancer or designer; I definitely have a creative soul and love to move!

Q3: What or who keeps you motivated and inspires you?

A3: Every person in my inner circle inspires me in some way. I learn from people who aren’t in the music industry just as much as those that are. On a creative level when I see someone at the top of their game I’m motivated to work even harder, but I don’t aspire to be like anyone else – I have my own lane.

Q4: What is the most memorable experience of your life/career so far? And what have you learnt from it?

A4: The moment I decided to play the music I loved listening to instead of what was put in front of me was life changing. Since then I’ve had some amazing experiences including travelling around the world to perform, being asked to record for artists I’d grown up listening to, and discovering a love for writing music as well as performing it.

Q5: Would you go back and change anything in your journey so far? (If no, why)

A5: I wouldn’t change anything in my journey so far. I believe that everything happens for a reason, you can see that in good and bad times in the end.

Q6: In the next two years what do you ASPIRE to have done?

A6: This year I’m writing releasing an EP of original instrumentals featuring different producers in the grime scene. Next year I’m aiming to produce an album featuring my favourite artists, plus a sample library so music producers can use Grime Violinist riffs and sounds in their tracks. Everything I do is goal-focussed, with the aim of staying positive and grounded at all times.

Q7: How much of your life and background have influenced you to become a songwriter/musician?

A7: My parents are both musicians so music is in my blood. There was always music in the house growing up and my parents took me to concerts since a baby. It trained my ear from a young age so I’m now able to play anything I hear.

When I’m writing music I think how I watched my mum write music growing up and realise where I came from.

Q8: What lyrics mean the most to you and why (ones you have written and or ones you didn’t write) 

A8: n/a (I don’t write lyrics 😉

Q9: If you could collaborate with anyone who would to it be and why?

A9: A couple of years ago I made a list of artists and producers I want to work with, and one by one they get crossed off as I end up making music with them somehow. I’d most like to collaborate with Wiley as I can hear influences of live music in his beats and would love to make that a reality.

Q10: What is most inspiring message you have internalised in life so far?

A10: It’s cliche but learning to look after your own wellbeing and goals so you can help others really helped me grow. Selflessness isn’t always the higher path.

Q11: What is your motto in life/what do you live by?

A11: My favourite quote is ‘A flower doesn’t compare itself to other flowers, it just blooms’. It’s hard but when my mind wanders into comparing myself to others I’ve learnt to shut it down quickly.

Q12: What is currently on your playlist?

A12: My playlist is mostly grime – obviously – plus some afrobeat, hiphop & soul. I also love 90s RnB and garage, and female artists such as Ms Dynamite, India Arie and Lauren Hill.

Q13: If you could have a song to be the soundtrack to your life what would it be and why?

A13: The track that makes me happiest is Boo by Sticky ft Ms Dynamite 😉

Q14: What are your biggest dreams? and what are your biggest fears

A14: My biggest dreams include bringing Grime Violin to stadiums around the world, collaborating with more artists I admire, and inspiring people to think differently about the boundaries of music.

Q15: What is next for you/your plans for the next year?

A15: Right now I’m trying to get my head down and write new music for my EP, ready to release and tour later this year. New opportunities come in daily so it can be hard to find a balance between dedicating myself to my own music or to other projects, but I’m learning.

Q16: What would your advice to be to those out there who want to live out their dreams? 

A16: Don’t be afraid to be different. Dreams can take time to manifest so don’t give up! I did a lot of other jobs while building my solo career, but if you know it’s right for you don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

Q17: Lastly, for those who don’t know where can people follow your career?

A17: Check me out on these platforms:

Instagram @thegrimeviolinist

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter: @grimeviolinist


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